Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hair Woes with My Brother

My Brother's opened up. He has opinions and gets excited about things. It's make me happy that he's becoming more ambitious.

I promised him that I would talk him to get a haircut (cuz I know hair! HAHA right) so I devoted all of Sunday to get his makeover! He has really long surfer hair and he wants to get a new shorter Japanese Faux Hawk look!

I drove him to Kinokuniya book store off Saratoga and we found a cool hairstyle from a magazine. I took him to a Japanese bakery for breakfast and got this awesome noodle pastry thing! YUM! And then took some quick Japanese photo booth pictures.

I asked 4 Japanese guys where they got their haircut:

"My brother cuts it"
"I cut it myself"
"I go to San Francisco Japantown"
"There's this place in Mountain View, it's $40, but I get a haircut quarterly so it's worth it."

Great. I was going to take him to a place in the same Japanese plaza. You would think that it would be Japanese and stylish too, but as we walked by I heard something uncomfortably familiar: VIETNAMESE! OMG IF I wanted to get a Vietnamese Haircut, I could walk across the street from my house.

We went to Valley Fair, to invest in an American cut because well, I know that would be guaranteed goodness. Regis is stylish and 50 bucks, ouch! Out of budget so we walked to Mastercuts.

We walked in and they were once again VIETNAMESE!!! AHH! SAN JOSE DAMN YOU! But I was being optimistic, it's Valley Fair, it has to be decent.I walked to the counter and showed the photo: My brother wants this, can you do it? She nods. Then she turns to her older coworker and says in Vietnamese thinking I can't understand her:

"UM... Should I cut this?"
"Yes... just follow the picture"
"I dunno, can Tram do it?"
"She's busy highlighting hair.... just cut it a little shorter, you know how to do that"

WE BOUNCED LIKE A MOEFOE! OMG! I was so upset. We spent the rest of the day buying my brother some new jeans and a checkered hoodie from Heritage (My new favorite Clothes place) for his new look. I bought a shirt that I really like and I asked the cashier if she knew of a good place to cut hair cuz she looked hip

"OH yeah! There's one on El Camino! But it's Korean."
"THAT's PERFECT!! What's it called?"
"Bruce Lee Hair Salon, it should be about $30-$40 for guy's hair."

Gah.. so far and out of budget. What I concluded was:

Bad Vietnamese Haircut- $10 - Down the street of beautiful San Jose
Hot Hip Asian Haircut- $40 - In another city

So I made a decision. Colleen's Salon by my house. My favorite hairdresser Jennie should do the trick. I called the salon to make sure she was there.

"NO ONE here name Jennie"

Are you shitting me? I just got a haircut from her two weeks ago, I have her name written down in my black book. I said, "cam on chi." TO her. Are you guys making up American names and then forgetting them?!? GOOD LORD WHY!!?!?!?

I stopped by anyway. The ladies recognized me and explained that Jennie no longer works there cuz she's pregnant. Great. Cindy got pregnant too! The only two people who can cut my hair decided to get knocked up!

"Don't worry! We All Know how to cut Hair here!!"

Fine. I gave pictures and she started to cut away. She was being very careful cuz I was watching her like an eagle.

She pointed at some parts of his head, "WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!"

"Oh... Mom Happened." LOL, my mom has been "trimming my brother's hair for the last 2 years.

I made a few comments and in the end... it was hot. Didn't look like the picture, but it was still awesome. I was jealous that my brother could rock sweet hair. I didn't tip as much as I should have, damn it. But I was happy. I was also amused when one of the hair dressers tried to speak Spanish, Vietnamese to this Spanish speaking customer. It was very cute and disastrous!

And my brother likes his cut too, good times.


On the topic of Brother, I got on my brother's case yesterday regarding his grades. 2 A's, a 2 B's, a C and a D. I told him I was disappointed cuz I know he can do better. My parents really don't know what to do so I played parent again. Which, I shouldn't, but I did anyway... cuz frankly my parents are great and all, but they lack the patience that my brother needs. And they know it and send me their blessing.

He was frustrated and wanted to quit school. I spent the rest of the evening helping him find make up homework he can turn in. I reviewed his report card. The school conveniently posts assignments and points online as a resource. I told him he needed a plan. He has 6 weeks to improve his grades. I printed everything out and highlighted the work that he was missing and told him that the trick to kicking high school in the ass is talking to your teachers. If you care about your grade, they will care to give you the opportunity to improve it. Especially when everyone is Myspacing about how they knock-up a cheerleader after smoking pot. It's like a breath of fresh air. "You care about your grade!? Yes yes! Extra Credit! Take it!!" Am I right?

Today he told me he needed my help cuz his teacher let him re-write his D- essay. Sometimes, you just need a little push. For my brother a nice SHOVE is necessary.


dannie said...

good haircuts = pricey.

thats sweet of help your brother like that, even if you do have to play parent, if you don't no one else will...

Jimmy said...

my haircuts cost $47 tip included and it's every 2 months.

and i know bout the grade things.. your brother is doing well but idk what grade he's in. my oldest niece is 7th grade and her freaking quarter grades nearly got her killed: 1 d, 4 c's and 1 A (PE). needless to say, she's a cavegirl now with only change to call her parents from a payphone and the clothes in her closet.

jerome said...

hellooooooo brother. jk.