Friday, April 4, 2008

Gay + Fobby?!

Last night I was invited to Fuel.

I was just youtubing all night and decided that I should check it out. Off Winchester near Santana Row was this hip restaurant with a bar. My family actually rented the place out for my grandma's 80th birthday.. but they changed owners apparently and the inside looked completely different. On the sign it said, "Fuel, simply Vietnamese." When I walked it.. was just that: simply Vietnamese.

I loved the venue. Nice colors, chic and sexy. The bar was classy and there were candles. I was impressed with the renovation.

Inside, I was greeted by MoAny and Joe and Danster and gang. People were dressed nice, but what came out of their mouths wasn't nice at all. (Yes, I'm talking about their accents.)

Joe commented that our group was the most attractive bunch there. The minute I walked in, I turned off my prowling eyes. I felt like I was at some birthday party and knew only one person.

The music was dance electronic. God-awful beats and NO instructions of how to dance. (like the downstairs floor of dragon). Like... circuit party music? I guess. Horrible. Terrible. I didn't even try to dance, but the group next to us got their groove on. It was a disaster. I was in Asia.

As the night died down, a guy approached me and MoAny. "Hi, My name --- I am promoter, you hab good time?" OH MY GOD, I felt like he was about to offer me a bad hair cut for 7 dollars.

That's the one things about Vietnamese people, even though they know they thick accents, they are still aggressive. That's why we are good business people.

I really hate electronic dance music. And I really hate fobby Vietnamese guys who abuse the language. When my parents speak Vietnamese, it's like a poem.... a poem about falling cherry blossoms next to a creek during the spring time. When others speak Vietnamese, it's like they are trying to sell you a headless chicken for half off from across the polluted river.

It seriously stings. When I was playing badminton, this guy was talking and he was using the nasal part of his voice, he was loud, he was curing in Vietnamese and my ears bled for days.

Ok, with that in mind... add GAY into the mix. Man. I didn't know what to do with myself.

And now Joe V. is promoted it for next week and I feel obligated to go and help promote it.. but... sigh. Hopefully the music is better and the two for one drink special is still going on. Give me some liquor and I'll speak to you in some nice poetic Vietnamese. Tank You very-Mut! Wait.. that's still English.

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