Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

Target Upsets Me

I was getting pissed. I had only ONE item!!! The "express lane" was everything but. The idiot lady didn't know how to use her credit card. And the next guy used a check book! I scrambled to find a better line to no avail. All 24 registers were full, or slower. I want to suggest to corporate to install a "competent lane" instead of an express lane.

When I finally got there I wanted to show everyone how to be efficient. I placed my item on the counter and was two inches from scanning the thing for him. I shoved my card into the credit card reader and it rejected it! The cashier told me to go slowly and added some advice.

"You know if you force a dog or cat to eat, they will put a fight!"

Who says that kind of stuff?!


Disney Makes me Feel Dirty

Miley Cyrus from Disney channel is a tween.

Her concert tickets make moms do crazy things!
I made a playlist dedicated to those people who are no longer children, but not yet teens and the hot music that makes me feel guilty.

Other playlists under the MUSIC label.

And from Chris J:

Haha, it's Calculus!


Tofu said...

multiply a smile! ^___^

dannie said...

oh wow! i dislike people who take their sweet time, honestly, dont they have anything better to do. times a wasting.

same goes for self check out. stupid people should not do it on their own.