Sunday, April 27, 2008

Que sera, sera

I am a morning person: I woke up at 6:30AM naturally and headed to the gym. Shouldn't the weekend be a time to sleep in?

I wake up early on the weekends because I have something to look forward to. On the weekdays, I struggle to get out of bed because I despise work so much.

Cardio, Abs, biceps, pecs... Jane called me nutty for waking up so early. Other's didn't pick up my 7:30am workout call. I was impressed, I pushed myself to do one more curl, run one more minute, lift one more time. I drove to Jamba Juice and declared to the cashier with pride, "I... just WORKED OUT! What do YOU recommend." I was awfully cheerful. "blah blah Whey boost is good in any drink before OR after you work out, but I warn you it changes the flavor."

So I ordered 180c alorie Mango Mantra with a whey boost! It was already 9am.

I have bulked up a little: I am officially a shirt size Medium. Not that I'm fat (haha, maybe) but because I'm a bit more bulky which I think is good cuz I don't want to be skinny mcSkinnyson my whole life and 28waist pants aren't cute. No skin and bones for me! I spent the rest of the morning buying fabric for a beach game and getting it sewn and having lunch with Joe.

I OFFICIALLY have a pet peeve against inefficiency: MoAny told me we were going to the beach at 11. I did not want to rush him and waited patiently for a phone call... nothing. I called him at 12 to see what was going on. "oh, we're actually leaving for Carmel beach at 2pm." Oh, thanks for the notice. I told him I was at Lucky's and if he needed anything. "Nope, I want to get stuff with Eric." Okay, whatever. I killed two hours with Joe looking for beach stuff, buying a ball so was can play "hole" ball. Etc. When MoAny finally arrived at my house I discovered that he needed a bucket and lighter fluid. I had to run back to the house TWICE. Whatever. I was grumpy. When we ended up at Lucky's, MoAny wanted to buy ingredients for S'mores. WHY does he need Eric to do this? Why didn't he tell me when I was ALREADY at Lucky's. I have coat hangers we can use at home instead of short wooden skewers that would burn our hands... ahhH! I was so pissed. And of course, the Lucky's we went to didn't have the Jumbo Marshmallows.

It's so minor. I didn't do any of the planning, I'm not driving... yet I was letting it bother me. I was getting bitchy and making angry gorilla noises in the car I was so frustrated at the inefficiency... we were still in San Jose wasting the beautiful day when I had an awesomely efficient morning. I was able to calm down in the car when Huan sent me a text message. "Aww don't worry about it, just have fun buddy." His optimism was needed.

Guilt soothes my soul.

MoAny approached me and said, "I'm sorry I didn't call you this morning." I'm not subtle when I'm upset. Hehe. He was sweet, I replied "it's cool" and I scurried down the beach like a little boy. It's really all I needed. If you feel bad and apologize, then my bad mood vanishes lol. Simple. MoAny doesn't let things bother him. He has a "Que sera, sera" life policy that I am jealous of... but anyway, I was at the beach! TIME TO ENJOY IT! :D And in the end, I was good that we didn't arrive too early cuz we were having a bond fire at night!

We met up with another group of gays. One dressed in a hoody, another in jeans and a button down. "Are those your beach jeans?" I was poking fun. Apparently they hated sand. Ohh I get it, they are reinforcing gay stereotypes! Gays don't like getting dirty. They were princesses who have traveled far from their castle.


I jumped in the freezing cold water. I took off my shirt, I played in the sand. We were at the freaking beach, not Valley Fair! Let's play "hole ball!" I explained, "there's a hole and a ball and we tackle each other to get the ball in the hole." The gays looked at me like I was crazy. But some complied. I did some tackling and got the ball in the hole. Some got into it, but most were still too passive for the game to work. I had more fun with Smyr and girls. God.

I introduced the fabric game and the kids enjoyed it. Yes! I'll explain it one day with a video. We played with it all day with the sun above our hand and sand between our toes. Joe and Eric built a sand castle. And I did some cartwheels. We took SEX pictures and other awesome beach shots. MoAny and Eric built a fire, I helped dig a hole and we enjoyed the warmth and smoke as the sun disappeared. The princesses stayed away from the fire and chatted on the beach blankets. Can't get the suit jacket dirty! Ridiculous.

We made s'mores with tiny marshmallows. I rested my head on MoAny's lap and looked at the stars. It was getting pitch dark. I wasn't as cold as I thought I would be by the fire. I have good friends who don't waste time being upset... and that's MAX efficiency.

Some high school kids joined our fire. They recommended this pizza joint, Gianni's in Monterey, "it's the best ever!"After the beach we went in search of this famous pizza place. I was expecting a hole in the wall, but it was anything but! We ordered two delicious pizzas and 8 breadsticks! And it really was fantastic.

Saturday ended perfectly and me realizing how critical I am of people and of myself. How sometimes, I just need to calm the fuck down and enjoy the sun. And how being efficient means focusing on what's important. Que sera, sera... what ever will be... will be...

(Photos courtesy of Danster)


dannie said...

wow the beach sounds so exciting.
how did you bulk up? from just working out?
i'm trying to but i dont think it's working yet.

Stanza said...

"I woke up at 6:30AM naturally.. "

Wow, sheer dedication there.
I normally get home at about 6:30 am on a typical night out...

the holla said...

those pictures are sooo nice!
and the pizza looks muy delicioso

mich said...


i'm learning how to be light too.

sandy said...

joe's bod=totally hot