Monday, April 7, 2008

Car Sex

Making out in a Car?
That's classy.

I drove to Michael's to get some scrapbooking stuff and I found a parking spot next to this tinted car. I look to my right there's a girl probably in high school, leaning towards the driver's seat. NOT TINTED ENOUGH!!!

She glared at me because I apparently disturbed her not-so-Michael's-friendly activity.


Well, first of all, I'm a bad driver so I was parked about 20 degrees more than I should be and there was about 1 foot between my truck and the shady car. It was TOO late to repark because I had turned off my engine and I played it cool by grabbing my phone and stuff without staring at her. Slickly leaving the situation was very difficult. I had to squeeze my fat ass pass their window and hold onto my door because I didn't want to hit theirs.

Come on people. If you are going to be making out in a car go to a park. Or a neighborhood. NOT the parking lot of Michael's which was 2 hours from closing. To make it worse, it shared the parking lot with the local dollar store.

Like I said... Classy.

It reminded of MY car make out sessions back in the day. I mean, it makes sense, where are you supposed to get some privacy at that age? I usually parked in a dark location in the neighborhood and maneuvered around the steering wheel and the seat belt buckles. One time, I was getting pretty into it and I slipped and fell on the horn. Perfect way to wake up the neighborhood.

Another time I was caught with my pants down by a cop. Wait, that was my friend. HAHAHA!

I told Alysia that she's not allowed to lose her virginity in a car. That goes for all of you!!

Please hold off on sex... in a car. Have it in a bed, or kitchen table.

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dannie said...

lol what a sexy thing to do. honk the horn haha...
you forgot about the kitchen can clean up afterwards XD