Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Thus Far

I like April. This is my April Recap thus far.

April 5 Was Nick's Good Bye Party. :( Man. I think it's time I left this place too. It was a good time. We had fun with the panda head mask Chris J. got Nick from Japan.

April 12- Dance Show and Pageant, I am always a Fan
The day started off with some Dim Sum. Peruvian Joe was the first to get there and to OUR surprise he already picked five dishes. One of them was chicken feet. Joe was more Chinese that Eric!

This girl walked pasted our table and a waitress accosted her. "YOU WAIT TWO MORE MINUTES!!!!!!!" In a meek voice she responded, "I just wanted to use the restroom."

I started to burst into laughter. Mony walked out of the bathroom saying, "you know Chris, the bathroom is around the corner and the water was running and I Still heard you laugh!" Man, I'm loud.

We killed some time and got some shaved ice in my hood then headed to the City to see Collaboration, a hip hop show with Main Stacks! Berkeley's first competitive hip hop team!


The Palace of Fine Arts. What a hidden SF Treasure! Even though it was under construction, the ruins were still picturesque.

Szeto and MoAny being Gaysha:

The Show was.. okay. LOL.

It was like watching a really long youtube clip without the pause button.

I was of course there to support my boy Huan and others. Out of all 24 hip hop performances, I only enjoyed 4. Especially the ones with children! OMG! THey were so cute and danced better than a lot of the bigger kids! Yeah, Get hiphy! YEAH!

Through out the show, the MC warned that she would call security if she caught anyone recording the show. I got really nervous, but I knew Huan wanted me to record it even though he didn't ask me. Yay! I sent him the video that night and he told me a couple of the dancers cried watching it. AW, I love making people cry.

Cherry Blossom Pageant
My girl Miwa was a contestant in The Cherry Blossom Queen Program! Well, I was there to support her cuz she hot! Right when she did her intro speech, I knew she was going to win!

I didn't know what to expect. But geezus through out the show my heart was racing because the music was so intense. AND the contestants had to do difficult choreography.

Nick motioned to me to be positive during the show. That means not to shit talk about the other contestants.. OH it was sooooo hard! But they all had their strengths. Let's just say it was South Carolina all over for one of the girls and.... oh man, during the talent portion of the show, I was scared for my life for most of the routines. MIWA was hot, she did a hip hop, color guard combo piece and it was sex all over the stage! Tasteful sex of course and when she threw the flag that was twice her size in the air, Nick and I held our breath until she caught it with ease! GO MIWA!

Miwa KICKED ASS! But I was upset because they asked her such dumb questions during the interview portion: what shoes do you have, explain how you fail and what's the most important article of clothing you own. Bah. THough one of the host did give a disclaimer to the judges that some of the questions should be weighted differently.

The girl who won got: "What was the last thing you Googled." To this she responded, "Kristi Yamaguchi dancing with the stars. I find her to be a great role model." GOOD LORD. Someone read answer key before the show.

Miwa, my buddy, got 1st Princesses, which is second place. We were so proud of her. She was so beautiful and the best speaker!

When they announced her name, all of Berkeley stood up and cheered. Nick and I got light headed because we jumped up too fast. :D That's NSU love.

After was a chill celebration at the S&M Apartment. Top Model? ... More like Top psychopath

I made dinobites and reminded everyone that they were an NSU tradition. Like 30 times. I also burnt popcorn. A couple of non-Asian strangers came in and I pointed to their shoes, "OMG, DO THEY STILL HAVE THEIR SHOES ON!!!??" One of the girls flung her shoe off with celerity after my absurd announcement. Oh I'm so obnoxious, but come on, where do you think you are?

I miss these random nights with NSU. :[

April 13- Thai/Cambodian New Years
We had MAX Efficient Saturday/Sunday thanks to Szeto and his amazing driving while tired skills! We managed to check out the Buddhist Thai Temple in Fremont which is gorgeous be the way!

Oh man, the food was so delicious! I think the region of South East Asia has the best food!

MoAny explained that the tiny crab claw was for flavor. It was like sucking on a juicy rock. MoAny also showed us how to properly sit. Ouch! my knees!

After Lunch we did some Buddhist customs. Here we are washing the figures one for each day and putting in a coin. I put in TWO coins for Friday! And you put this gold foil thing on the statue.

I also ran into some friends! And my cousin and Michelle!! She was upset that I didn't think to call her because she was of course Thai. -.- oops!

I love cultures!

After the Temple Szeto, MoAny and I raided Joe's pool and swam for a couple of hours taking very unflattering pictures. =X. Then over to Danster's birthday dinner!

There I met this awesome couple! They made me laugh so hard. Except when the guy made very crude jokes like: I said I like helping the kitchen staff by licking my plate. He responded, "oh so you support immigrant rights?" Man.. That was very awkward. What are you supposed to say?

And I found this Video Made me Laugh and the guy is kind of cute:

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