Thursday, April 17, 2008

Out Live Your Enemies

This morning Joe told me a true story he heard from his coworker:

I have a funny story my technician coworker told me it over breakfast.
Last Sunday at church, the priest asked his listeners to forgive all the wrong people have done to them he said that they need to "forgive all your enemies!" And then he took a survey.

"Out of everyone in this room, who can forgive their enemies?" 80% rose their hands. And so the priest looks around the church and picks out a 98 year old lady sitting up front. She was one of the few people who didn't raise her hands and he asks her to come up in front of everyone.

So she wobbles her way over and the priest asks, "Why wont you forgive your enemies?"

She says, "Cuz I don't have any."

The priest is all shocked and asks, "What?! You've lived 98 years and you don't have any enemies??"

And in her sweet little old voice, she replies, "None. I out lived those bitches."

True story!

Tonight, I'm having a Korean dinner and going to SPLASH to find me a Sugar Daddy!
Thanks for keeping tabs on my life.

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Huy said...

Classic "True story".

Come on, this is a joke. Just google it :)