Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's with Anakin

Maybe I was depressed because it's the season of love.

I'm not going to pretend. I miss Tofu.

February 2nd marked my 4 year anniversary with Tofu, but I went on with my day acting as if it was nothing special. I managed to be thankful that I still get text messages from him and skype him from time to time. He tells me I am one of about 3 people he still keeps in close contact with from the states.

I guess, I miss just being with someone that I love... and this month is a sore reminder of what wonderful things I had with him. I dreaded Valentines day even more.

On the 14th, I got some chocolates from HR. It was only until then, that I realized that it was Valentine's day. I went home for lunch and got a Hallmark card in the mail. It was addressed to "pho." To my surprise, it was a long over due postal letter from tofu. I contacted him to let him know it made my day... and I just went back to work, slaving away so that they won't fire me for being incompetent AND lazy.

I got a call from my mom, "Christopher, your dad and I are going to eat at Onyx tonight (the restaurant I recommended) do you have any plans?" .... "No." On the drive home, I swallowed my pride and called Monyrith. "Um... do you want to have dinner? maybe? I want to go somewhere nice... but um, if you have plans with someone, I totally understand. Please don't make me a priority, cuz I know you do that... if anyone asks you out.. don't feel obligated to have dinner with me, just cuz I asked you first." Wow... I was desperate.

To this Mony responded, "Please... no one will ask me to dinner, don't worry.. but you pick a place okay?" Predictable response, Mony is a good friend. I picked an Italian resturuant in Milpitas. I was half an hour late, we were starving. When I arrived at Mony's I get a call from Szeto.

"So.. are we watching Jumper?! Or what?" Hah, Szeto remembered we had made Valentines day plans to see a movie! So we dropped the Italian restaurant and headed to the Great Mall to have a Valentine's dinner at the food court. The lady at the Arby's stand was extra nice; she gave me an extra cheese stick.

Szeto bought some Kim Chi noodle dish and snuck it into the theatre. The black girl behind him declared, "dang.. that shit stinks!" Hahah... last time Szeto snuck in Kim Chi, the whole row cleared away from him! Brilliant.

Jumper was what you'd expect. Awesome action, no substance. It's a great movie and you don't need any sort of education to understand it. Heheh.

I went home and quickly fell asleep in my bed. I guess, Valentines day doesn't always equate to spending time with a significant other, but rather spending time with the people you love in general. Awwww! Gag! (End Scene from Full House)


On Friday I came home from work, my mom and dad looked exhausted. "What's up? Did you guys go to work?"

"Your mom and I BOTH got food poisoning. I had to stop at a coffee shop driving to work to use their bathroom. Today was miserable."

Apparently, the restaurant I recommended had bad crab that night. Mony warned me about small restaurants on busy nights. Oops.

At Dragon, I talked to Raphael, "yeah! we watched Jumper too!" His SF Clique went to see it as a group. I guess, Jumper was what you watched with your gay boys when you are single on Valentines day. I was amused by the parallelism. Anakin Skywalker seemed to keep all our lonely homo hearts warm that day.

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dannie said...

it's always nice to have friends you can call on. so sweet. v-day is so overrated..i feel lonely all the time so it's nothing new to me ahha..

hope you're doing well...see you at dragon sometime.