Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reality? Check!

The VP went through my things telling me to get rid of all my clutter.
I'm going to go to work early tomorrow to get organized. In a sense, it's helped me realize how I hold on things. "If you don't need it, throw it away!" And she was right.

My office was a mess. She walked behind my desk and gasp. I was afraid she saw the stack of Christmas Cards that was left over. I asked her what was wrong. "CLUTTER!!!" she shouted.

At home I have about 10 boxes of "things." In my room, I have "things" on my desk, "stuff" on my shelves, "junk" on the floor. And I really need to re-evaluate the things I chose to keep. "Don't you feel better when your in a clutter-free environment." The VP was right and action needs to be taken.


I am feeling a little better about work. I figure:
Work to get experience. Keep my head high and mind focused. My goal: do a good job so that I can move up, if not with this company than with another. I made bold statements while helping my parents put the dishes away after dinner. "You said every thing I was thinking Christopher." I have a great set up: work is 4 miles away, my job is what I make of it, and if I study my ass off... I could probably get promoted within the year.

The reality is, work is work and only a selected few are lucky enough to 100% enjoy it. There will always be perks and there will always be negatives. So I'm focusing on learning. Focusing on doing a good job. Focusing on getting that "1-2 years of experience" that is plastered on every job description out there. I hope that I discover my calling... what ever that may be. But for now... I must make the best of my awesome situation.

Yes. I can do this.
Reality? Check.

Thanks to everyone who commented before :D

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