Sunday, February 3, 2008

Poorly Planned Saturday (PPS)

Man. Nothing really worked out this weekend. But I had a good time trying to find something to do. Monyrith declared that Saturday was a mandatory hang out day for me and Szeto... hang out ... and do what? I guess, that was the poorly planned part.

1. Get our Cars Fixed
Time to do some hetero things! Like get our oil changed! My dad recommended this Asian place. Great price, but I couldn't understand them. Damn. At the end of the day I dropped nearly $200 so I wouldnt die on the road. My dad reassured me that they weren't shady. Shrugs... take my money, make sure my breaks work.

2. Distracted
There was a coupon at 711 and I was so distracted that I forgot to use it. I gave the cashier a sad face. He responded. "Don't worry! There's ALWAYS a next time!" In a strange 711 worker, swing shift, got held up at gun point... kind of way.. he was cute when he said this. Heh. I was amused.

3. Checking Out Lunardis
Monyrith picks up an orange juice. This soccer mom (sort of) on the phone looks at monyrith and says. "That orange juice is Fabulous." She grabs a big jug, puts it in her cart and walks away continuing her phone conversation. Monyrith was too slow to respond or rather, she was too quick for anyone to know what just happened. So there was only one thing to do: Buy the orange juice. And yes, it was fabulous because it was like eating orange juice. Pulp everywhere. Heh.

4. Dance?
Mony told me about this dance workshop by this Christian dance group Eight Count. "To glorify God through the art of dance." WOOT! And I sort of wanted to go, but it was PPS so I was wearing flip flops. Damn. Plus we wanted to watch The Eye at the time. I guess, I was hoping to make up for my Funkanometry fiasco on Friday. I'll elaborate when the video is uploaded. =X.

I called the guy that invited Monyrith later that night to see how it went. He was very Christian friendly. And he told me it was fun and that it was packed! Aww man. "Don't worry! There'll be a next time." Heh.. interesting.

5. Parking in Asia
At McCarthy Ranch (Asian Side) during lunch time, the parking lot is ridiculous. People start making their own rules. Seriously. If there was a fire, everyone would die because there is no order. People parked where ever there was a curb causing two line traffic to become one. When we finally found parking I yelled at Szeto to signal to claim it, but the spot was RIGHT in front of us, so it didn't make sense to signal right OR left, so there was only one thing too do: flash the high beams! "That's mine bitch!!!" HAHA And it worked. Crazy McCarthy Ranch.

Oh, and this lady was selling bok choy and eggs on the side walk. WtF?! I guess because it was PPS.

5. Desperate and discouraged
Monyrith ditched us for another boy and Szeto and I desperately called San Jose kids to hang out, but unlike us, they weren't celebrating PPS. They actually had plans. (Like hanging out with their mom. Psh) And the rain discouraged us from going downtown. (Plus the new $2 fee for parking in downtown San Jose. RIDICULOUS). I did want to go to Berkeley for the Queer Culture Show meeting, but it was raining and my car was still in the shop. Damn it, damn it. So after Szeto dropped off Mony and came back, we visited my work place, then headed to ... the mall.. how depressing.

5. Oakridge Mall
Szeto and I were perturbed at what high school kids were wearing. So I took some pictures. LOL

Case 1: Michael Jackson Thriller meets Dorothy? Maybe she wanted to be louder than the movie. Wow. Please click to zoom in.

Case 2: Skinny Jeans sagging? It may look okay from far away, but this kid had problems walking becuase 1. his jeans were too tight and 2. they were BELOW his ass. Okay. I sag sometimes, but... this is just disgusting! If you zoom in, you can see that his jeans squeeze BELOW his butt. How is this comfortable? Plus, he was walking like an oxyMORON.

6. Movie
When Mony decided to join us at the mall we concluded that paying $10.25 to watch the Eye may not be smart. So we decided to watch The Invasion that my parents already rented! Sweet! The movie was great, the ending was abrupt. But it was the only thing that went right today.

Yay, happy PPS.

To avoid PPS, we shall plan something at That's right a room full of trampolines at $9 an hour!!! Can you imagine?! mUAHahaha.. The Fun Never Stops in San Jose.



1.Do you like anyone? No. Strangely.

2. Are you flirty? Very. But, it's a part of having fun.

3. Are you a player? No.

4. Would you get back together with any of your exes? Tough question

5. Have you ever kissed anyone on your top friends? Yes, I kiss all my friends. Anyone wanna play suck and blow?

6. Do you want a valentine? No, I want to be surrounded by friends and make them gifts.

7. Last Year, did you have a valentine's date? Yes.

8. Do you prefer group dates or single ones? Single dates!

9.Would you kiss light or makeout sessions? Affectionate kisses. Making out... is messy. Unless I'm drunk, that's like required.

10. Do you like cuddling up while watching a movie? Always. With anyone.

11. Any plans for valentines day? Arts and Crafts at Neils!?!?!?! Wait, he has a boyfriend. Damn it!

12.What's the best valentines day present for a girl? Chocolate, so they can eat it and get fat and leave me alone. Jk.

13. For a guy? Something to do with pictures. I am very sentimental.

14. Are you single or taken? Single.



dannie said...

oh geez the whole time i was trying to figure out what PPS was and i was going to ask you. until i scrolled back up. i forgot what else i was gonna say.

Tofu said...

lol... yeah i didnt know what pps meant until i realized i'm an arse that doesn't read blog titles hahah