Friday, February 22, 2008

Losing Touch

The one thing that I'm not enjoying is losing touch with friends.

I feel that by working and being exhausted has prevented me from really keeping in touch with friends. This weekend, I think I am visiting Berkeley to say hi.

Weekends have become so precious. I don't want to waste my early twenties napping. I am currently trying to plan the following:

SoCal Trip with Gays: Drive down with gay friends, visit other gays go to Rage... or that other Club people talk about. Peggy Sues?

SoCal Trip with Ignia: During Spring Break I want to visit my High school friends. :) Have a wholesome good time, see productions. It'll be great.

Florida Trip: Brian works for Disneyworld... we should visit him

Camping: Because that's appropriate.

Visiting Mt.Hamilton, because it's local

Sky High. Because there are trampolines.


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