Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life's Random, Bring a Camera

Ok, I'm no photographer, but I love having my camera because well..in addition to documenting your life, you never know when there's something interesting about to happen in front of your eyes.

Aww my dad gave me my first camera when I was in middle school. Look how awkward I am. Now I'm awkward... with a camera. Thanks Dad! You could have helped me be cool instead.

Here are a couple of things I was able to capture this passed week:

An empty street... a gay Vietnamese American

Someone dropped a party platter. I folded in horror! I hate wasted food!

At restaurant in Mountain View, I made my boys mimic this picture.
I love the paintings there that I wanted to imitate them all! Too bad people were trying to eat.

This is... a Banana case... it is bendable in the middle because "Joey's Banana might be a bit more curvy."

Look who I found at Sato Sushi!!!

After lunch with my dad, this guy was Rapping in his car for EVERYONE to see.
Sigh, I missed the good part!

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