Friday, February 8, 2008

Just Working...

My company moved about 8 minutes away from my house.
I now roll out of bed at 8:20 and leave my house at 9am. Since everyone else is tarty, I figure, 9:08am isn't that late.

At lunch, I've gone home to check mail, run errands, sell stuff on Craigslist. It's wonderful. And the drive home is now doable. Yes! But nevertheless, my job is still difficult for me.

Today was nice, I went with a coworker to the gym during lunch! It was FANTASTIC! While in the free weights room, I noticed a couple of cuties. There was a boy in a vintage T with a batman logo who was particularly adorable. We made eye contact about three times and I stared at him as he exited the gym, hoping to catch his eye one more time so that I could officially eye fuck him with a possible mutual return. But nope, he didn't look back and I'll probably have to work out more to find him again. Drat.

Could it be that his glance was homo influenced? Maybe not because a lot of guys check eachother out during "down time" between sets. No, not because they are gay, but because they are just scaling each other up. Alpha Male, my pectoral muscles are bigger than yours, I can crush a can in my hand, can you? sort of deal. Heh, I wonder what the best thing to do is if I ever see him again. Smile? Try to make conversation? Slip him my number. "Hey, um.. you're cute, and I know you have a nice body because you take your work out more seriousily than me: nancy boy on the ellipitcal; 20lb bicept curl, assisted situps, assisted chin ups, assisted everything. Yes, I want you now. Here is my number, I can be your personal trainner." I wonder.

And of course the lockeroom was full of nasty saggy naked men who should be required to wear clothes at all times. Smyr agrees with me here. Yuck yuck yuck. I think the gym locker room turned me a little straight.

February... a lot of shit going on.
Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. HAHA! I typed Ass Wednesday. Anyway, that means no meat on Friday. Does that mean, no sex on Fridays either? Wait, is it lent? Am I supposed to give something up? Ok, I give up... boredom. I'm going to find an organization to get involved with. I need some community.. I've gone too long with out it.

It's also Vietnamese New Year! I'm going to check out the Parade for the first time!! Woot!

Elections, Valentines day and... Black People Awarness Month? OMG...
Hmm... I think someone needs to throw a RED party. LOL!

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Chup-Chup said...

having the office close to ur house is great...i had that last year but then we moved offices and now instead of leaving home 5 minutes before 9 y have to leave at 7.30am...
i like ur blog! greetings from tel aviv.