Friday, February 15, 2008

I Feel Depressed

Oh no! Time for an EMO entry!

Lately, I've been feeling depressed. Like surrounded by friends, yet lonely... depressed. Like go out every weekend, blowing cash... yet bored... depressed. Like have a good job, great family, great life...yet incomplete...depressed.

You know?
And I don't know if it's because working has been difficult. OR Maybe it is. Maybe I am being sufficated of my true potentional because I belong somewhere else.

Maybe it's because I've lost site of goals and I'm cruising without really moving forward. Does every post graduate feel this way? What am I working towards? What do I want?

I think.. I am unhappy with where I am... like right now. Like I am unhappy with my job, with my situation and I'm just waiting for all my friends to finish what they're doing ... and then they can join me on whatever the next chapter may be. Am I being selfish? Some people don't even have a job. Some people don't even have friends! But... maybe I should just take a risk.

I need goals. I've said that a million times. Can someone help me discover my passion?
Can someone help me?


William said...

chris, passion is a process, rather than an end onto itself. and passion often, but not necessarily, calls for sacrifice between ideals and reality.

be easy on yourself and be patient; you will find itl

Huy said...

Yeah cousin, this is normal. Happened to me and all my friends. Switching from learning to doing, from chaos to 9-to-5, from fun to work, all that stuff takes a few years to work itself out. You get used to it after a while--doesn't mean you get the answers--you just get used to it.

Jeff Wu said...

Chris, quite frankly I can't give you any advice in this because I have no personal experience with this. However, I can say that I myself am going though a similar stage in my life. The question persists whether or not I found my passion or did I just find something I like doing also? I don't know, and until I'm thrown into the situation I still won't know. Regardless I feel I can quote my brother's advice to me here, "A big part of any of these career choices is the mental fortitude and discipline required to stay committed. Without that, there is little chance for success anywhere." Take care Chris, and remember to push forward, because no one but yourself will bother to push you on.

mich said...

i feel the same way.