Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hey.. I've Met You Before.

Last night was Dragon. It was fun. It was nice seeing the same people because I wouldn't hang out with them outside that club. We didn't make it to Denny's to see our favorite waitress because Mony and I were nauseous. Heh.

I managed to talk to a stranger without getting introduced by commenting on his Berkeley shirt. As it turned out, he actually went to Stanford. Heh, it got awkward so I walked away. Oh well.

I found this picture of my first apartment party in Berkeley in 2004. Most of these guys were Sigmunds friends. I remember being really uptight. "I don't want anyone we don't know to come!!" I mean, it was my first apartment, and I've seen parties get out of hand. But as I loosened up, I started asking for more people to come! "Why isn't anyone here!?" Tofu rolled his eyes at my predictable behavior.

I got pretty wasted that night. I remember answering the door and saying.. "WOW, YOURE HOT!! I Can't believe I just said that! COME IN!!!" I think I said this to DuHoss' friend Hiro, who's in Japan now.. I'm still embarassed about that.

Anyway. I saw a couple of these guys at Dragon. But I'm sure they don't remember me... or the "party." May as well. If anything, I can just refer to the 'directory.'


In high school, I was Aladdin for halloween. I still have the outfit and wear it sometimes if it turns you on :X But not that many people are into Fat Aladdin.

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