Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here's my number... TAKE IT!

I was on downelink and I get a downelink IM from some random guy from New York.
I wrote:

Hey! I'm actually heading out to the gym, but here's my number if you wanna talk while I drive.

You must be thinking: Chris, what are you doing giving your number out? Well, I figure, he's from New York and there's no harm talking over the phone. While driving to the gym... I get a ring.

We chat up a storm until I get to 24 Hour Fitness and hang up on him. I call him after to finish the convo. He managed to tell me a pretty good story while being half asleep involving his straight friend. Heheheh. Love it... let's just say it involves being unconscious. LOL.

Anyway. Pretty cool guy. I told Smyr about him and he responds, "so you're friends? just like that?" Well yeah. Gay people make friends like rabbits make love: all the time and with out a second thought. "this is my friend so and so." bam: gay friend.

While we're talking about gay, a couple of things made me happy. The guy that I was working with to get my poster printed had a really sexy voice. "You can pick your poster up at 5" YOU BET I WILL! When I stopped by, I was right... cute voice = cute boy. Gosh, I wish he could print me out some personal posters... if you know what I mean. Okay stupid. I was tempted to ask him out even though there was NO indication of interest and our conversation was limited to business. Sigh.

At work, we're interviewing some engineers. My boss declares, "i like that guy.. he's cute!" Well.. okay, now I have to take a peak. Hehe. Oh another cute boy. Here take my number, I'll give you a personal interview. If you know what I mean. Okay stupid, I get it.

While at Berkeley, I had my Berkeley goggles on TIGHT. There was this kid on a bike that I wanted to jab a stick in the spokes so that he would stop to talk to me. And this boy at the QCS meeting that looks like a Koala. Aww.. I'll let you climb my bamboo.... OK OK, I'll stop.

Lol. Yes, I'm crazy.


dannie said...
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dannie said...

lol you're funny, i want to hang out with you. crazy ass.

mich said...

video blog.

Tofu said...

yeahhh video blog!!!

dannie said...

i agree video blog!! :]