Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hello everyone. I am...

Hello everyone. I am blogging from my cellphone. I'm talking on the phone. If you don't believe me, just click the listen button and you'll hear my voice. Anyway, Jott is this awesome program that tapes your voice, and then transcribes it into an e-mail, or a text message or even a Blog message. But anyway, I can now blog through my phone and it's exciting. And you should join. Today was interesting. My boss is crazy and... listen

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...and Jott limits you to 30 seconds.

Lol. Check out Jott.com.

Oh and it's pretty accurate, check out JV singing: http://jott.com/Show.aspx?id=249ef080-e4a1-4319-9604-e9e4ada30fad. Maybe TOO accurate. Do you think they have little workers listening and transcribing; working in inhumane conditions for 5 cents an hour?!?! OMG!!

I had fun discovering other things about my cell phone. Like connecting facebook notifications to my text messaging.. and status updates. I have 1gig in my phone and decided that I should use the other features; take pictures and mail it to people. Especially since I have unlimited text!! TEXT ME!! I uploaded this video of my mom, she's crazy. The other night we were talking about movies. "I want to see that movie.. with dancing... because it has that song I like." "Step up 2?" "YEAH!! Get. low low low low!!" Wow.. my mom is crazy.

Manual Labor
Today was ridiculous, I had to rearrange furniture because my boss thought it looked ugly. I didn't really make good friends at work except with the girls so when I asked for help, the guys just brushed me off. I managed to get some pitty from some people and moved really heavy desks and bookshelves to my boss' liking.

After lugging everything, the boss still wasn't satisfied. Long story short, I decided not to unload my boxes in case they change their minds yet again. But my new work location is only 10 minutes away NO traffic and it's wonderful. One of the account managers is off to Europe, so that means I should be able to take her place in her absense. Wrong. Anything having to do with accounts, I don't have a confident answer. And everyone knows this. .. I guess it's a double edge sword because not much is expected of me... and.... not much is expected of me. =/ .

It's really discouraging because I don't think I can ever be good at this job or this industry for that matter. Sigh. So I'll continue to do what I do best: be the office bitch. At least until I discover my dream. Brian Tong reminds me to keep looking... sigh. One day I'll be an extra in a movie with a line...

Sell your Clutter!
I've sold so many things off half.com and craigslist.org, it's amazing. I sold 3 of my old text books and 2 of my Aunt's. One of her court books is worth $100, but I sold it for $20, not realizing its worth. I found it used on Amazon is $40. Oh well. I also sold my Aunt's decorative mirrors. I tell these strangers that email/call me off craiglists to rendevous at Starbucks near my house. And do business in broad daylight as if I were at a suburban flee market. They ALWAYS ask for a discount and I usually give it to them. Shrugs, I mean, they went out of their way to drive to South San Jose from where ever. I'll give them a good deal. I wonder what the people at Starbucks think I'm doing.

I encourage you to sell your books on half.com because it's so easy (or comegetused.com). You don't need to take pictures becuase the ISBN has all the info you need. Just put the condition. When someone buys your book, you just ship it to the address and half.com electronically transfers money into your paypal. Brilliant!

I got this hillarious email about my Aunt's Pet Stroller:


Please let me know if you still have the pet stroller. My daughter has been wanting to get one for our cat. She bought a leash with her birthday money, but I don't think it's wise to let a six year old drag a cat around on a leash....lol

I love interacting with these random people!

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