Friday, February 22, 2008

February Thus Far

Even though there's one week left, I feel like getting this month over with and going into MARCH! Here's what I did between complaining about work.

Feb. 2: PPS!
Though we managed to have a great meal at Pepper Lunch (Japanese Style steak) and watch a bad movie. (The Eye). We also explored Szeto's neighborhood.. wow. Ghetto. I got this Chocolate dip thing for the first time! YUM

Feb 8: North West San Jose (Mountain View/Sunnyvale)
Have you ever had one of those I SUCK A LOT days. Yeah. With Mony and Joe taking Funkanometry with me, I didn't fee so bad! I'm still sad because they haven't posted the videos yet.
After, we had Dinner at this awesome place called Neto. I was having a great hair day after using some of Joe's Grooming Creme. Ironic that Joe has great hair products. Though Mony said my hair looked sort of fake. After dinner was a teenie bopper night at FUZ!
I ran into John and a couple of other friends aww.

That girl was HOT! AND my Favorite DJ was spinning! DJ Barney Frando! HOLLA!

Feb 10: Tet Parade
Year of the Rat! Afterward we went to Chicken Coup or something. I liked it because they had a visual menu. It looked like dishes that prepared then hairsprayed so you can see what it looks like ALL DAY. Brilliant! I also had trouble sitting in the chairs because my torso is so short. I had to sit on two chairs stacked together to be comfortable, I was like king!

Feb 15: February Dragon
I drove! And scared the crap out of everyone because... I suck at driving. Oh look, I have more than just three friends! Aww. I never see these guys outside the club.

Feb 16: Whoa
I had a nice day catching up with my good friend Alysia. We hiked the foothills and told each other stories. I miss her. She works in SoCal and I'm trying to plan a trip to visit her.

After our hike we visited Diana's dad who Alyisa has the hots for and Janelle where we tried to solve lateral thinking puzzles. Like, question:why did the man die after seeing a fish?" answer: because it was red and he was allergic to ketchup. Yes, it was that dumb.
Smyr joined us and made me laugh hysterically when he said, 'Sup nigga!' over the phone. HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh Teach for America.
Alysia's friend said, "is Janelle a slut?...... because she's so pretty!"
Janelle said, "I'm not pretty like Alysia. She has natural Beauty."
I said, "and what do you have? Artifical Beauty?"
I guess that's why Alysia's friend thought she was a Slut!

We parted ways for dinner. My parents were having a party and it was Vietnam Town up in my Dinning room. Mony said we're going to get Dessert, I obliged and drove to his place. I find that we were actually going to Capital to pick up Danster. Who lives close to my house! Bah. Then SOMEHOW we ended up bowling. I HATE BOWLING. And I was grumpy because I didn't get dessert and I was stranded cuz I didn't have my car. Mony bought me LaVics to make up for it, but... it was different. Soggy? Less meat? Salty? Something was off. After devouring the quesedilla, I fell asleep at the bowling ally. I woke up and jumped into Mony's car. When I woke up, I found myself in Mountain View! WTF! And my phone died. And Smyr didn't have a ride to the airport (because he was depending on me) and I felt guilty for like the rest of the week. And I couldn't go home because my car was still at Mony's!!! OH NO PPS (poorly planned Saturday) ALL OVER AGAIN!

That's why I want to plan things for March! Can't wait!

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