Friday, February 22, 2008

Asian Adventure, but with no Camera

On Feb 17 we had an Asian Adventure around the South Bay with no Camera...Actually, I had a camera, but no memory card. And we had some l33t camera phones. Great. Sorry kids, no pictures... and remember, CASH ONLY!

Little Saigon - Alysia wanted to get King Eggroll so we went for lunch. There I was craving Pineapple slices and chilly powder. But they didn't have any! The food was gross, but the eggrolls were great and the Tamarind icee was impressive. I hate East San Jose. It's so congested and no one lets each other in. Bah. Instead of Little Saigon or Vietnam Town they should call it Big Headache Village

Japan Plaza - Off Saratoga and Steven's Creek is this little Plaza with a Mitsuwa Marketplace and a Kinokuniya Book Store. There we checked out some magazines for some inspiration. I concluded that Japanese people also have some Jacked up hair. But there were a couple of short styles that I liked. In the market is a Japanese Photo booth (Purikura)... there was only one thing to do!

Yeah, you like that gay shot don't you. O M G. Go ahead, zoom in, that's right.. HO MO Sexual.

Korea Street - AKA El Camino. We went Karaoke for an hours during happy hour! 18 bucks!! SWEET! But damn it, once again their recording machine was down. We had a good time belting out songs. Highlight: Szeto's voice cracked during Apologize! It was only 8PM! Dinner time! Time to visit China, so we hopped on 280.

China Square - For dinner was Cupertino Square where we had Taiwanese style small dishes. After we found this dessert place but then realized it sucked. So we drove to Mil-pi-TAS and had some Bolansa! Them bitches wouldn't let me rearrange the chairs! LOL! Yum.

Poor Szeto drove all around the South bay to hit these Asian HOT SPOTS! Awesome good time.

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