Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol: Jacked Up Hair Everywhere!

While watching American Idol, I noticed that bad hair seemed to be the theme among the guys this season. Also, I was amazed at all the boys and lack of men.

Garrett Haley
Simon described him as looking as if he hasn't left his room in a month. I have to agree. I wonder what he's hiding in there. I was reminded of the anti drug commerical where a kid makes a cocoon for himself.

David Cook
He's likeable, but his do isn't. It's limp, it's dead, it's like he's covering a bald spot.

Jason Castro
Dreads... kind of cool, but I think he would a lot more attractive with a cleaner do. Though I'm thinking he's grown fond of it. He also makes this face where he would press his lips together and squint his eyes as if he were constipated when he was embarassed. Not cute.

Danny Noriega
Even his hair is bitchy. God this guys is sooooooooo sassy. He reminds me of my twin brother Nate. Hmm. I guess that means he sort of looks like me with a bolder chin. Great.

I guess they were inspired by Christian Siriano from project Runway.
I can't get over how much bad hair clogs the TV waves.

Hairchive: The Sassy American Idol

Danny made me confirm that I am never going to grow out my hair that long ever again.... ever.

Yes, David Archuleta is adorable... he would be the exact opposite of Danny whom I wanted to throw things at. LOL. According to Rickey.org, in David's audition singing "Heaven," the backup singer was crying... aww!

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dannie said...

omg garrett must have a lot of secrets to keep in that hair. lets both agree not to grow our hair out. so embarrassing haha.