Monday, January 14, 2008

Super Snow Bunnies and Friends

I've never had a good time snowboarding.

The first time I went, I took lessons and did the bunny slope by myself because my family was too scared to join me.

When I went with NSU, I was left behind because I sucked.

But with Szeto planning everything down to the wire and getting us group discounts, I couldn't really refuse.

Mony and I got some gear and I remembered that I liked snowboarding because I like wearing head bands and doing my hair in chunky spikes. I always feel like a pro, like I belonged there.. until I got off the lift that is! LOL!

We slept over at ThE's in Davis and I was impressed by their selection of body wash and shampoo..... ohh gays.

Surprisingly, I didn't suck too much. But while sitting on the mountain resting, this asshole broke in front of me causing 50 pounds of snow to explode into my poor amateur face. Bastard. I tried to cast a hex, but I forgot I was only mortal. And he snowboarded away probably laughing at me. What a bastard.

Aww.. I had a really good time with this couple. They were so cute, I wanted to beat them with a stick. They waited for me at the bottom of the mountain and I managed to get some speed.

I had such a great time with the fellas!

I can't wait for the next trip: Yosemite? The gays go camping!!!

Hairchive: The Snow Bunny

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