Friday, January 4, 2008

Passing By.

Three pending facebook friend requests:


I messaged Brandon in November to congratulate him on an impressive spoken word piece he did for the NSU Culture show. I don't recall ever being introduced or seeing at the potluck or afterparty. If I were to see him on the street, I'd recognize him, but I doubt I'd stop to say hello. But I guess, it depends on my mood. We have 32 friends in common, all from NSU. He seems nice, but once again, I've never talked to him face to face. His request pends...

I THINK I met David at Dragon or something gay. I THINK. We have 9 mutual friends and all of them... are gay. Hmm. If I were to see him on the street, I would sort of recognize him. Maybe. I'd have a.. I've met you before.. maybe, from that website? moment. His request... hmm... will be ignored...for now.

I recently got a request from Shannon, I THINK we went to middle school together. But I don't think I have EVER spoken to her... ever... or even had a class with her. She's practically a stranger. If I saw her on the street, I wouldn't even think to look twice.. in fact, I'd probably dismiss her completely unless her hair was on fire. She looks homophobic, but I'm probably wrong. I wonder what Tila Tequila motive she has to request my "friendship."
Her request will be denied aggressively.

My Roommate
William was my roommate for a year.
William impresses me with what he does with his life.
But not a single tear was shed when he moved out and I only have a handful of fond memories with him... Halloween as 3 Blind Mice and going out to Fenton's... just us two. I remember studying with him at at the Free Speech Movement Cafe and telling him a lot of personal things while he protected his personal thoughts.

He launched the HIV Youth Project and poured his heart into it. He's speaking up where people are silent and I claim proudly that I shared a nasty kitchen with him. That I lived with him...

And it's sad because our lives no longer conveniently collide... so all I can do is admire from far away.

My Aunt Passed Away...
And all of her 7 brothers and sisters (my uncles and aunts) participate in virtual mourning. They send long emails and pictures and videos about her... and of course, I am on that list of recipients.

"I am mad at myself for not spending enough time with her when she was still around, and I am mad at myself for not giving her enough love, like she has given me..."

"I should be glad that she's no longer in pain & on the way the heaven joying our father & other relatives."

I stay silent.

Along with e-mails is a facebook group dedicated to her. And I shake my head in amazement...and I'm sure you do too.

My dad came up to me and said, "you did everything you could for her right?"
"yeah... she didn't ask for much, but I did."
"Good. I am really glad I bought that chair that she wanted. I'm really glad."
When my Aunt asked my Dad to pick up a chair, he was tired from work, but went to get it anyway.
"I'm really glad," he was so thankful.

Apparently she had made a giant impact on his life... and many others.

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