Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Movies: Eating Out 2 & Date Movie

Instead of working out with Jane, I sit at home crocheting while watching pixelated movies found on http://www.videolemon.com/ (whatever you do, don't install the SPAM!!)

Date Movie

Everyone wants a happy ending.

I don't know why. But. Why not right? Okay. It was funny and stupid and perfect because I didn't need to pay attention that much because I was crocheting. But I felt pathetic because I laughed at one of the lines, slapped my knee, and looked over to my side to ... no one. I was laughing to myself... damn.

Frank Jones: So, Grant, how do you pronounce your last name?
Grant: Exactly how it's spelled. F-U-N-K-Y-E-R-D-O-D-E-R. [pause]
Frank Jones: Funk-yerdoder?

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

I have this thing about watching gay themed movies. And most of them are horrible. But this one was interesting!

The first one was pretty bad, but the second one was Fantastic! The guy is way hotter and there was an Asian character at the beginning that I liked, even though he looks like a monkey. For those of you who have an interesting take on sexual orientation, check out this movie! in 8 parts!! I was really impressed with the kissing scenes! But I warn you... it's really sexual and hilarious!

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dannie said...

marco dapper is YUM!