Saturday, January 5, 2008

Movie Reviews- Not So Scary B Rated Movies

Mony, Szeto and I like to watch bad sort of scary/thrillers movies.
The next one to see is "The Eye" with Jessica Alba and Cloverfield (not Cherrywood, mybad)
Here are some reviews by me! Woot.

30 Days of Night
I did not know what to inspect. In fact, I didn't even know what we were watching and when I realized it was a vampire movie.. I was like.. Cool! But I really did like this movie. Well, if the actors didn't speak. The acting was god awful, but the action scenes were amazing; I was on the edge of my seat and seriously shivering because I thought I was in Alaska with them! My favorite scene is the bird's eye view of the tiny town as people get attacked on the streets. Blood smears the snow and my jaw drops at how graphic the movie was. The ending was also unexpected. It's interesting because I never thought I would like such a movie, but it was both entertaining and satisfied my blood thirst; a must see!

The Mist
Fear Changes Everything

Wow. When we saw this preview we all agreed that we HAD to see it. Mony made a facebook event and a whole bunch of gays came with us! I didn't know what to expect, but I also really enjoyed this one and made me reflect... also the pure ridiculousness of it all. A must quote, "if I needed a friend like you, I would just squat and shit one out." YES! And JV was getting all sorts of pissed yelling, "DIE YOU STUPID BITCH," to the antagonist. OMG, embarrassing! But, check this movie out if you want, if you don't you wont miss anything. More B rate acting, BUT unforgettable characters that apparently agitate JV... and moments where you go, "what the HELL are we watching!?!?"

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Horrible, don't do it. This was seen instead of Enchanted, I am Ledgend or Juno.
I am a fool.

Chakushin Ari
Death cannot be put on hold...

At Berkeley, Tofu and I loved this movie! It was the ONLY Japanese scary movie that SORT of made sense! And, it was really really really graphic! Like amazingly graphic! Though I couldn't tell the characters apart because they all looked the same except some had blue hair and some possessed powers from the planet Saturn. (JK). I also remembered a quote, "Yabe, kanzen ni wasurechatta!!" = "Shit! I totally forgot!" I said this to all my Japanese friends until they wanted to shoot me. Then I just said... "Don't touch the mustache," I mean, "dou itashimashite" = "you're welcome!" Oh man, I am such a polyglot!

One Missed Call
What will it sound like when you die?

I came in expecting little, I came out seeing little. Good lord! But what's interesting is every scene was the same except the culture! It was an Americanized version of Chakushin Ari, like in a weird way. You can compare the two movies to better understand what is considered "scary." There was a lot of hair in the Japanese version, and twitching and white make up. In this American version, there was more Computer Generated Imagery... and a lot of things were more creepy then scary. And I hated it. Other things include how students behave, how aggressive the girl characters were and what burned down/abandoned hospitals looked like. What's interesting though is this movie was LESS graphic, but I still jolted at the appropriate times. I'd watch both movies just because it's interesting to compare.

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