Monday, January 14, 2008

Love the Skin You're In

But what if your skin looks like shit?


Well, I have this picture labeled: WOW and I like to look at it because it makes me feel better about myself now. It was taken on June 2007 and I wish I could rip it up and do some sort of ad campaign for some miracle cream, but I can't.

It's been over six months and there hasn't been much improvement, even with "professional treatment"... well, the texture is better... but it's still red.. and scarred. (That's my skin update if you were curious. LOL). For now, I'm going to keep a log to understand what works. I've been upgraded to Minocycline and Tazarac (which are stronger forms of Doxycycline and Differin). And continue Proactiv... Woot.

I'm impressed that I haven't talked about my skin in a while. I guess I finally asked myself, how can someone be so vein as to care about what they look like so much? There's so much more to life and other things to be concerned with!!!!

Well, I guess that's easy to say when your face isn't bleeding every morning...

I showed my dad this picture.. and he responded... "that's you? ... christopher... I'm sorry." Like it's his fault... well.. it is genetic.

:p It's okay, it's just a flaw..... and flaws are just a part of life... Someone once told me that my acne was endearing. Heh. YAY.


sandy said...

p.s. i love you

youre gonna be a best man when i marry

dannie said...

i've said this before and i and understand what you're saying. it sort of makes me more down to earth (lol) because i have to deal with this problem, and makes me worry less about what a guy looks like...on the outside.......