Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Recap

January was an interesting month. I saw a good number of movies and ate out at bad restaurants. I got a raise, my company moved 5 minutes from my house... and I have a boyfriend. Not. According to Mony, the ideal boyfriend would either have to be very patient or have a similar overbearing personality like mine. Interesting.

Here's a recap:

Jan 1: Ikea.
Mony bought us some gift cards from IKEA so we spent the new year shopping for home decor.
I have yet to hang the frames and nail in the shelves. More pictures.

Jan4: Happy Birthday Joe
Joe ran into his straight friends at the bowling alley. I proceeded to out him by caressing his chest. He ran away in horror. Happy Birthday JOE!!

January 10: My Aunt's Funeral
The death of my aunt affected my family substantially. To me personally, I was able to get closer to my cousins. And by spending time with them, I felt like I really got to know them... and know myself. For once I felt like I was letting my cousins know me. I also began to appreciate a little more the people in my life (apparently.)

January 12: Snow Trip!
YUM! Funyuns and Hot Cheetos! It tasted EXACTLY how you'd expect it! More Here!
Video of me "snowboarding."

January 13: Hot Pot City
I had Chinese hot pot for the first time. And my clothes reaked! It was awesome and I needed so much fiber the next day. Mony helped out by putting veggies in my bowl. Szeto got my this awesome Alien-like tripod for my camera because I keep doing balancing tricks with it. Hehe. But NOW I can do MORE balancing tricks! Maybe it wasn't such a great idea. hehe, I love it anyway!

January 18: I went to Dragon
But decided that pictures were unnessessary. LoL. Yes

January 19: Coma
Before watching Cloverfield, I asked Mony to get me what seemed to be a Strawberry smoothie. I asked Mony to ask for a sample and he goes, "it's frozen lemonde." But there are strawberries on the machine. I looked at the girl working at Hot Dog on a Stick. "There are strawberries!!!... it's lemonade? I can't believe it!" I threw a fit. FALSE ADVERTISING! The worker in the funny hat smiled at my tantrum. I can't believe these people!

Instead of going out, my boys and I had a friend chicken feast that night. Good lord.

January 24: Dave and Busters Woot!

January 26: Project Family
With my Aunt's death, my cousin was left with a mountain of responsibilities. I helped out by transporting her mom's things to her tiny condo. Sigh. We celebrated efficiency by having wholesome Asian fun. YUM! And the Karaoke place finally recorded our voice! WOOT!

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