Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Found My Inspiration: Brian Tong

I was scoping out CNET as usual and I came across a video with Brian Tong and I thought to myself: NO WAY! He has my dream job!

Consumer Product Reviewer Broadcast Personality!
And SHIT he looks like he's my age, please say he's older, do I have time?!

Fortunately he has a website that he's maintain since 2000, so I decided to stalk, read up on him for a couple of hours.. on my spare time.


After graduating from San Jose State majoring in Broadcast Journalism/ Business Marketing, he hosted a show on Stir, an Asian American Youth based network. There he interviewed a handful of stars and traveled the globe, he was also a poster boy for apple... from there he continued to pursue his dreams of being on TV.

I highly recommend reading his blog because it highlights his accomplishments for the passed 5 years. I really think it's interesting to see his growth, and it's a quick read... (compared to mine -.-) just skip the entries about basketball. Yuck.

In September last year, he landed a gig with CNET and I discovered that he's 28! Okay. I am 22. I have 6 years to be where he is, do amazing things, represent the Asian American community... something. Work not to just make money, but work and love with what I am doing. As I delve deeper into his blog, I also discover that he is an extreme consumer and dreams to have his own television show. Good lord. He's so ambitious, he tried out for American Idol, maintains a hot body and developed an impressive network... etc. etc.

Though my dreams aren't exactly like his, he inspires me to follow a dream and accomplish things that I can be proud of. I am empowered to reach for my full potential and do amazing things while in my 20s!! And that means... I need to actually work hard instead of doing the bare minimum!!!! That means, I should do the best work that I can!! That means that I need to step away from "safe" and bungee jump into adventure!!

Let's make something of myself!!!!!!!!
(Head vs. Heart editorial found on Brian's site)


mich said...

he needs to cut his fingernails.

William said...

he is quite the cutie.

i've seen him on air a few times. seems like a sweet job.