Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

I wasn't even thinking about New Years. I would have been happy at home. But Smyr and Diana took the reigns and planned an unforgettable trip in SF!

After making it 1 minute before the Cal Train left, we arrived at the station and took the (free)bus to Chinatown! Where do we get off? Follow the Asian people! Last year, Alysia, Caitlin and I found the best Chinese restaurant in the world! And I was unable to find it again. But luck had it, it was near the bust stop! I took a picture of the place.. and it's funny because the best Chinese restaurant in Chinatown... was Vietnamese.

Too bad I couldn't find Eastern Bakery (the one with pictures of Bill Clinton... on the walls and is the oldest Bakery in Chinatown!! I love Chinese Bakeries!)

After walking the lantern decorated streets, we found a shady bar! Perfect. See the Red rubber Seats? See the stereotypical Chinese painting? See the Duct tape covering holes in the wall from when a whore was getting beat down by her pimp? Yeah! We were there too! And check out that "House Special Mai Tai." The cool bartender made too much and gave us a free drink! What makes it a "house special?" She added this shady liquor from a ceramic jug with Chinese writing that she claims was.. "Chinese liquor." You mean.... opium? snake oil? led?

We managed to have the best stumble to the embarcadaro after those hefty strong drinks. Here we are at the Hard Rock Cafe. On a budget we decided to family style 5 amazing appetizers!

With 2 hours to kill before the live band, we checked out the Warf to find another bar that was equally interesting, if not more.. and we did!

Fiddler's Green. An Irish pub! I found myself in another Country! In fact, I felt like I was in a porn because the drunk 6feet something tall Rugby-like white guys were patting each other's asses and grabbing man boobs like no other. At the bar, Smyr order an Irish Beer: Harp... "It's a logger." He made me fall to the floor with his Irish accent imitation of the of Bartender.

We found an upstairs and decorated ourselves with Hats and horns found on the table. As we were about to leave, we run into... CAITLIN! OMG! Out of the ALL the bars in SF, she stumbled into the Fiddler's Green! She invited us to bar hop with her party girls, but we declined. She looked HOT, we looked... snug in our scarves and sweaters!

We found our way back to the Hard Rock Cafe just in time to dance it up with Livewire! The dance band performing! The girls were hot in go go outfits and the guitarist had his hip 70's shades! They did wonderful covers of great hits of the century: Some Funky Town, some B-52, some Jackson 5, some Hey Yah! And of course.. it's getting Hot in in Hurrrrr! OH!

And the count down! I think Aaron thinks it's 2006. And Diana got lei-ed! I mean PEARLED!

Happy New Year!

We ran out to watch the fireworks and Aaron hugged a random stranger. We called our loved ones and headed back to the Cal Train where we had our Twilight Zone adventure. 1:15 -4am on the train! God, why did it have to make EVERY stop!?

Yay! 2008! What a great time!
Next year, I'm thinking about New York with Tofu. I want Confetti to fall in my mouth!

New Year's resolutions:
Do 401K, get a body like Quy's, wOw! Buy nice clothes! Kiss more straight guys!