Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gay Insight from a Straighty

Cousin: not 10% gay, 5%, despite the often quoted claim
Me: oh no.. it's 10
Cousin: no it's not, no one believes that except gays
me: why are u so confident
Cousin: a 1960s study by kinsey
me: everyone believes, especially 10% of the population
Cousin: but most tend toward less than 5% besides personal experience certainly doesn't show me 1/10 i know that doesn't count for much
Me: it makes us gays feel like we're not alone
Cousin: yeah that's why it's repeated often. it's done for political reasons so that gay rights cannot be ignored which is fine but i'm a realist so i dont' believe the hype
me: interesting take from a homophobe
Cousin: Some studies have disputed Kinsey's methodology and have suggested that these reports overstated the occurrence of bisexuality and homosexuality in human populations. "His figures were undermined when it was revealed that he had disproportionately interviewed homosexuals and prisoners (many sex offenders)."

Cousin: yeah not a pleasant quote Most of these statistical findings are in the range of 2.8 to 9% of males, and 1 to 5% of females for the United States[16] ? this figure can be as high as 12% for some large cities and as low as 1% percent for rural areas). In gay villages such as The Castro in San Francisco, California, the concentration of self-identified homosexual people can exceed 40%

me: 40%!!! wow! no wonder i feel surrounded
Cousin: anyway it's a bullshit stat, just ilke many bullshit stats we people throw around
me: i have 50 gay contacts in my cell phone. If only there was a way to register all the gays like,.. stamp them with some sort of symbol. ..a Red Octogon
Cousin: gay rights are interesting in Vietnam. straight people fear gays not the other way around, like of violence. straight guys are afraid of being killed by gay guy. Whereas in most of the US, gays often have to hide coz they might get killed. In VN, there's no problem with ladyboys everywhere, like in thailand, hit on a straight guy, no problem you won't get beat up. In thh US, you better think twice. i met a lot of gay guys here
me: really? i hit on straight guys all the time well.. usually they're asian so.. hahah...
Cousin: prob less dangerous with asians. try that in texas though; with white guys
me: omg ...and if being gay is genetic.. i think it carried through my mom's genes
Cousin: hahaha i read a study that shows it runs in all our gene and statistically there are gays everywhere
me: what triggers it then
Cousin: in the entire human genetic tree the proper mix of genes?
me: or is it 95% of the time, the gene is dormant
Cousin: but the point is it can't evolve out; it's part of everyone's genes and with the right mix, you get gay
Cousin: Such genes could be retained if gay men were unusually effective protectors of their nephews and nieces, helping genes just like theirs get into future generations. But gay men make no better uncles than straight men, according to a study by Dr. Bailey. So that leaves the possibility that being gay is a byproduct of a gene that persists because it enhances fertility in other family members. Some studies have found that gay men have more relatives than straight men, particularly on their mother's side.

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