Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dragon: Because that's What We Do

It was one of those things where I said.. Dragon? Okay, I have nothing else better to do and I haven't gone in January and I had to met my once a month quota. Max? Min? Who knows.

I called my cousin to see if she wanted to go cuz I know she'd have a good time. But she wanted to stay in. And I tried to get some Berk peeps to go, but I got a "next time" response. Shrugs

We got there at 11:30 and I started to release my confidence on the dance floor. HAHA.
As I walked the same street, passed the same alley that Mony, Szeto and Tofu had thrown up in, I saw the same bouncer that everyone tries to be buddy-buddy with, I saw the same Bartender that my friend's friend hit on. I saw the same faces. The same jaded (but not that jaded) faces. But as I was talking to people, I realized that we were all there for the same reason: because it was a part of our identity.

Dragon is what we do. We're gay, we're Asian, we live in the Bay, we go to Dragon and see each other, dance, buy drinks make small talk and drive home. People from all points, Davis, San Jose, Oakland. Where ever. This is what we do and we all manage to squeeze out a good time... with some drama on the side... and everyone was a registered queer on downelink.

2 Shots of Gin and AMF and a Blue Hawaiian.

I had good conversations and intruded on other people's cliques.

I hug Aditya and danced with him. I saw Rapheal and their little SF clique... he was the first guy that I didn't come with that offered me a drink. I saw Richie and their underage Berkeley posse and danced with them. I saw JimE who messaged me randomly on Downelink a month ago and danced with him a little. Emerson of Funkanometry gave me a sweet hug as if we were best friends. I guess going to Denny's that one random night constitutes a better gay friendship. Teach me to dance!

But I had the best time talking to Earl and his group.

Keith who I called Kyle... or Ken? Peter's roommate saw me pull out a receipt from my pocket.
"Get a Phone Number?"
"Hahaha, own!!"
"Oh.. haha.. me too!"

It was good flirtatious banter. Though I don't go to dragon to give/get numbers.

"Do you know Richard?!"
"Of course! I helped clean his apartment at Devon's birthday years ago."
"Yeah, we go WAAAY BACK"
"Yeah, for real! Do you still live there?"
That was the only connection I had to Richard and we both held on tight to that; milked it for what it was worth. In 2020, we'll see each other at Dragon and say the SAME thing.

"Earl! I love seeing you. You make me smile!"
"Aww... You make me smile toooo!!!"
I gave him a hug... and we talked for a while. He went to Berkeley with me, we had substantial history. It was good.

Back to the dance floor.

There was Wally and Vincent, Larry and Jeremy. ThE, his boyfriend. Peruvian Joe, Neil's roommate Joe who went to the funks class with me that night. Andru who was one of Tofu's first gay friends...others

I was up against the wall.

There were these hot girls that I wanted to dance with.

I approached them to say, "you look bored, let's dance" and then proceed to dance in between them in a hot Asian American Sandwich; straight guy fantasy. But instead I said, "you look bored" and walked away. Damn it, drunk enough to approach people, but not drunk enough to follow through.

The crowd started to thin out, we got a hotdog and I drunk dialed people on the drive home. I insisted on going to Denny's off Blossom to find our waitress Rebecca, but she wasn't working. And then I crashed.

I had a good time even though I wasn't anticipating great excitment. Dragon is 50 minutes away... and I always get home around 4am. There are gay clubs in San Jose. There are good movies to watch. Why go to Dragon?

Because... That's what we do. We're gay, we're Asian... we know each other... it's a community... it belongs to us. We can be "ourselves" or as much of "ourselves" that we like in our little exclusive club.

It's an escape from our family; from society. It's an escape from a world that we have to deal with; that we want to run away from because often we feel like we have to hide. Hide from others.. hide from ourselves. Because not only are we Asian, but we are ALSO gay. And we have a lot of shit to deal with.

At Dragon we are no longer alienated. Everyone are friends because we are automatically connected to each other.. or "linked." And people can complain about the music, the venue, the drinks all they want, but they will always go back's still fun... and it belongs to us. And we can just dance with each other with out judgement into the morning until we forget about how much life stresses us out...

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