Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chris Makes a Fool of Himself

Since September I've been dying for a hip hop class.
I searched colleges in the South Bay and even considered posing as a San Jose State Undergrad so that I can be a part of their culture show and do hip hop for them!

Recently Huan sent me an email about FunkanometrySF's Company class in Mountain View. HOLLA! Sign me up!

I knew Funk's Company Classes were a bit adavanced so I emailed the BIBI, the Choreographer. "HI, I'm a Beginner. Is tonight's class going to be hard?" I felt foolish, intruding in on a dancer's world. I got an immediate response from her Blackberry. "Nope, it should be simple tonight!" Okay. I can do this and I really wanted to go.

I tried to gather people to go with me... but to no avail.
What to... do? .. GO BY MYSELF! Yeah, I can do this! If I want to do something I can't wait for others!!!

It was perfect, I would go home after work, wash up and then drive up 85N for a century. But when I got home I got intimidated watching Company Class Videos thought by the Choreographer Bibi Khalili.

Shit... then I watched a piece by Emerson

OMG... I'm going to be that guy in the Red!!!! My confidence deterioated and I started to freak out. I decided that I should refrain from any embarassament in front of strangers and stay home and I started to whine to my parents.

After seeing the Videos my dad said, "Christopher.. seriously, you can do this.. it's easy GO." Fuck.. well if my DAD thinks it's easy then I HAVE to go.

Problem, WHAT do I wear? I had a pair of new sweats someone left at my apartment in Berkeley and I put it on... Yeah, I looked like a serious dancer from the videos... I immediately took them off because I felt I was trying too hard. Just be yourself. Ok, I put on cargos and a hoodie and bounced.

I was lost, but arrived just in time anyway and saw Joe Vu. Sweet, a familiar face! Fuck. Everyone was wearing sweats, fuck me fuck me!

We did stretches and I was seriously getting nervous. Bibi introduced the song: Freaky Gurl by Gucci Mane and everyone in the room responded ghetto, "heey?!!" Haha. Great. She started to talk, "If you guys don't know me, I'm more about feeling the groove than getting the exact movement." Hmm, too bad I have neither.

Okay. Let's do it. And.. I did!
It was brilliant, it was fun, it was simple like she said and I was able to pick up most of it! When they post the video, you'll see me running away at the end because I forgot the rest.

Hehe. Yes! More dancing to come... Join me or not, I'm still gettin' low. Or trying to.


Huy said...

Hey Chris, if I were there, I'd go with you. Love hip hop classes. And I've already gone through my share of embarrassing beginner moments. I should show you the video of my hip hop show sometime.

Your cuz

dannie said...

yay i'm proud of you. i want to go to on with you sometime i can embarrass myself too.