Sunday, January 27, 2008


I haven't been writing because for some reason I feel uninspired. I think I need some variety in my life because things are getting a bit routine for me.

Work, watch some gay tv, sleep.

But there is just so much Project Runway you can take. Speaking of Gay, I was watching "Make me a Supermodel" and these straight models had to pose gay for the challenge. Nice. Check out Bravotv for the video clip. Not work safe pictures here and here.

Heh. It seems like gay is everywhere now and it is no longer special....or rebellious. Being gay used to be cool because it was different and secretive. But now with an established community and "culture." (Enough that Berkeley kids are working on having a Queer Culture Show Mtg: this Saturday 12-2 in 56 Barrows, be there)... Gay... is no surprise and welcomed with open arms.... and quite frankly, I'm getting bored of it. Maybe I should try something different. *gasp* Maybe I should try making some straight friends!

LOL. But that may be harder than it seems because I have become quite fluent in Queer.

I think I'm forgetting how to interact with 90% of the population. What do straight guys talk about again? Sports and girls? Great. Do straight guys want to hear about my gay issues...... besides Smyr? And he's okay with it because he throws in the word boobies in our conversation to keep himself interested.

I also wonder if "Gay behavior" is learned.
Bare with me.

I was on the phone with a black person (not African American.... because White people aren't European American, they are WHITE) trying to sell some stuff off craigslists, and good lord, I was hit with some lightning speed Ebonics. And I wondered, can we compare gay speech to Ebonics? Is the style of speaking/behaving learned through the community we identify with? Hmm... HHMMMMM!!!!! So, do I behave more "queer" when I'm with my gay friends? And conversely, would I behave more "straight" while trying to better interact with straight people? (Maybe not because I would have to suppress a lot of my "adapted" behavior...) a better question: Do I really want to?

Some food for thought.

About what I was saying earlier, I am worried that I am getting a little too comfortable in my gay world that I'm ignoring the reality outside of it. That... even though it's all fun and fabulous... there are other things to life that I am absolutely dismissing. I love my gays... but lets do something hetero for a change....and I'll try my best not to turn it gay.

Like Hip hop classes!!... wait... that's kinda straight right?
And not Hooters, that place scares me...

Manual Labor
This passed week I've done a lot of lifting and working out in general.
I have decided that I enjoy doing situps to that Apple Bottom Jeans song.


jessica said...
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jessica said...

gay, straight, as long as what you're doing is fun. even if that entails inhaling frozen yogurt sprinkled with mochi and mango then singing it off at a near by karaoke venue!

here's some things you might want to try if you're bored [not necessarily straight]:
- rock climbing TONS of fun for everyone!!!!
Good food in a GREAT city!
- come to dt sj with me friday night and have a ball! i owe you a drink or two! oh, and don't act straight, gay is still cool and interesting! ahahah <3 you

p.s. you can NEVER get enough episodes of project runway...