Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This is a Story of My Obviously Gay Life that You Guys Find Amusing

Gay at Work
"So Chris, who are you bringing to the Christmas party?"
"I don't know who to bring."
"Well, you could bring a girlfriend.... OR a boyfriend even"

I smiled. Apparently, I left the 12' rainbow flag hanging from my back pocket going to work.

Gay over the Phone
Yesterday I got a message from someone off downelink.
I was in a friendly mood so I chatted with him and immediately I could tell he was fobby.
He asked if we could talk on the phone and since he was from New York, I said sure.

His broken English was frankly awful, but he was nice. He taught me a couple of Vietnamese phrases and told me how lucky I was to be born here with a small family. He was only one year older than me, but had responsibilities like a middle aged man. He told me that when he moved, they couldn't even afford socks and it was snowing. He checked my privilege.

He told me that I sounded very very very American and I told him that he sounded very very very Vietnamese. I was amused. He said San Jose people can't be trusted, but I was different because I was pretty open. I mean, if you ask, I'll tell you.

It doesn't hurt to be friendly.

Gay Over GCHAT
Michelle asked me for my numbers... so I'll tell you.
I've kissed 4 straight guys.... (pecks, make out, drunk, games)
She asked for ALL my numbers... and I must say, it's larger than I would want, but lower than you think. I guess, I'm proud of that. Yay.

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