Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Being Friendly

Happy 21st Birthday Miwa (or My Hoa! *karate chop!)
I drove up to Berkeley yet AGAIN. Not for a show, not for a kiss, but for a birthday. I considered not going and called up the special lady and she said the magic words: foood! Just kidding, she said, "But Chris! It's my birthday!" Her words melted my heart and I was there in a second.

At the bar I started a night of buying rounds of drinks. The kids looked at me and said, "now what do we do?" As if I was the expert at kicking it in bars. "Well, hang out and get more drinks." Simple and fun. The birthday girl liked it. Though we changed scenes pretty quickly

I remember Kips. One night I went during the beginning of the semester and I had a great time. Diverse crowd too. The drinks were cheap and I knew the bartender. We hit the dance floor and I was impressed. There were three awkward white guys dancing with each other and other guys with their backs up on the wall. On the dance floor was this Asian guy and hot white girl and he was movin' it! Yes, break those stereotypes!

I was impressed with myself. This creepy guy came up to dance with one of our girls and I grabbed her hand and danced with her. He got the hint and vanished. Hehe, Yes! I am getting better at this!

The party moved back to my friend's apartment. Her parents dropped off the party: sushi, cake, cream cheese wantons, chicken. I was amused because they took care of everything! I was buzzed and suggested a game of FLIP CUP! Yes sir!

I was glad I came and crashed on the same futon as last weekend... my poor poor gas tank.

Straight Boy Update:
The straight guy that kissed me contacted me; here is a summary.
"You're a great guy, but I'm not gay"
"I was just being nice"
"I wanted to talk to you because feelings could get hurt."
"I don't kiss guys."
"I need to draw the line"

I played it cool.
"I never thought you were gay."
"I just wanted a kiss."
"Thanks for being nice."
"I didn't mean to put you in that situation"
"We cool?"

He told me he never kissed a guy before (HOT!!) and never ever will (NOT HOT!!).
But assures me he's not insecure.

Hah. My Crush on him depleted... thankfully.

Wow, I'm a Chatterbox
My boys up in Berkeley are studying or getting ready to spend time with their families. So my drive home has been lonely so I scanned my phone book...

I recently got a hold of this boy that had a crush on me in High school. He lost of a lot weight frankly he looks good. Damn. I talked to him in traffic. He had to go and I said I'd call him back. To this he responded, "yes please do that." Awwwww! Really? I thought I was being annoying, but I guess he appreciated my friendly calls. More gay friends!

I got a message from this guy on downelink. We had mutual friends and I chatted with him for a little bit too. We're probably going to run into each other at Dragon. He said I was cute and can't wait to see his reaction when I see him... because I have the angles!! He will be so disappointed.

Friend of a Friend
Diana told me about her cool gay friend from UCSD. I was immediately interested because he's a friend of a friend. That's the safe policy. I messaged him on facebook:

You are Diana's gay friend. I am Diana's gay friend too. Lets go to Dragon in San Francisco where we can be gay ... TOGETHER (without Diana).

I told Diana expecting amusement. Instead I got horror. "You must be joking!!! He's not really out! CHRIS!" She called me an idiot 10 times. Jk. 5!

Well, shit. I sent him another message:

oops, Diana just informed me that you're not really out, my bad.:D Didn't mean to be scary.

Wow. I guess I'm more forward than I thought. But I ended up chatting with him and Diana got weirded out. I figure, he's coming to the Christmas party so I better get to know him. ;] But I'll keep my distance because I respect Diana. Plus he's too tall. I like being the bigger spoon... I'm just kidding. Please don't use my words against me. Dear lord.

What Happened to that Date?
Huan told me to leave him alone and to stop turning people gay. Let him be ambiguous! If I was a character on Heroes, my power would be: Turning people gay. How useless! or Useful, depending on how you want to "save the world."

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JV said...

if you could turn people gay...

1) businesses would run super smoothly and people would actually respect their bosses...

2) the environment would be saved

3) overpopulation would end

4) a power! lol