Thursday, December 6, 2007

December Thoughts

Days just fly by and it's already December.
My family got a tree and even my brother wanted to participate!
I always felt like my childhood was better than his: our cousins are my age and we did more family things like rent a movie every Friday, carve a pumpkin for Halloween or decorate the house for Christmas. But every year some tradition that my family used to have disappears.

"Did you want me to help put the lights on the house?"
"We don't do that anymore Christopher."
"oh.. Okay."

It makes me sadder for my brother because... I guess, I want him to experience the same things I did if not more. I took him driving the other day and he seemed to appreciate it. I live at home now and I should be more a part of the family.

Work has been interesting. I am now the account manager for Korea. Great. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. But hopefully I don't lose the company money.

I've been a bad boy this past week and I need to have more self control. I was really proud of where at was at for the past 5 months. But I really had no reason to be proud... to wait. I don't know what else to say about it.

I talked to Huan about a couple of things and he had a lot to say. "It's all in your mind, you have more power than you think." It was really nice getting advice from him because sometimes "you understand," but need to hear it from someone else. He played an overly concerned older brother which is what I need. He also told me to be careful. What I'm doing may be innocent, but to others, it's just shady. In this situation, Huan makes a good point and I should back up... so I will. Huan told me that "anh muon lam gi anh lam di," No shit, but the underlining meaning Huan presented was, "...but I'll be here for you if you need me" like he always has... <3

The other day, Mony ran into a guy from Starbucks he recognized from downelink. "CHRIS! The guy in there has skanky-ass-hoe pictures of himself on Downelink!" I recognized him too. He had some shirtless pictures among other things. I wanted to go inside and say, "Heey... you look familiar.... hmmm.. Oh YEAH! But you look different. Hmm, OH that's right you have clothes on!" And continue the conversation like I said nothing strange. I imagine him turning beet red in front of his boss. HAHA. Was that not the sort of attention you wanted? XD

I can't wait for the Ignia Christmas Party! It's going to be at SMYR'S Condo this year! SEND AN EMAIL YOU BASTARD!

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