Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September is Almost Over

This week has been crazy as well. But it's the last week before Diana goes back to SD and so more things need to be planned (e.g. Sushi/Cooking Night.) Here's what I have been up to with a couple of thoughts and pictures to come.

Wed, Sept12: Wholesome Cooking
I had dinner with Madeline and I ordered the Hot Beef Noodle Soup. This is what it tasted like: water... then BAMN! Spicy! I couldn't eat it, but with Madeline's help, I managed to salvage some of the meat. Aftward Diana came to Madeline's to bake cookies! Madeline's mommy gave me some of her famous Cheese buns and I was sent home happy. Two of my favorite things: Cheese and Buns in one! If only they were in a shape of a giraffe.

Thurs, Sept13: Extreme Downtown!
Two hot girls, two gay guys. The night was ours. And I was ready to be the best CockBlock in the world. At Cinebar we knocked out 3 drinks in half an hour. I was feeling generous since I just got paid and I realized that I can now associate people with drinks:

Caitlin: Blueberry Stoli & Sprite
Diana: Long Island, Margaritas
Monyrith: Washington Apple
Eric: Scooby Snack, Silverback
Alysia: AMF
Tofu: LC
Aaron: Jager Bomb

Caitlin introduced us to a couple of new drinks: Brain Hemorage, Oat Meal Cookie, Rumblemint. I was very hung over the next day, but I had a fantastic time confusing the downtown people by dancing with Monyrith then dancing with Caitlin. Diana did the same and it was as if we had no cares in the world. Monyrith noted a cute guy at Temple and I proceeded to dance 1 inch away from his back side. I believe his friends pulled him away to protect his virgin ass. Cinebar-> Hunters -> Temple -> Tiki -> Splash -> Toons-> Voodoo (sort of) -> Mission Ale? (Maybe) But every spot was hot. I also ran into Sean Paul and I believed he was amused at my lack of concern of being gay bashed while dancing so wildly with Mony at the Tiki Lounge. I enjoyed putting on a show and I hoped I sparked some curiousity among those straight guys with facades and compensating masculinity. The girls treated us to LaVics where we ran into Sarong! Alysia's ex LOOOOVER!

Fri, Sept14: Murphy Street
I treated my older cousin's out at Murphy street in Sunnyvale. We talked about family issues and that's when I realized that 2007 has been a horrible year for us. They enjoyed the event and I'm glad I could do something special for people I looked up to. Afterward, in my work clothes I attended FUZ which is also in the same area. 18+ means ghetto, immature, and classless. Even with a separate 21+ section I left at 12:30. Good thing, I didn't have to pay the $15 cover! But if I tried harder, I could have had a better time.

Sat, Sept15: Brunch
I suggested a good bye brunch for Caitlin and Diana suggested Cailtin's family make us pancakes and.. BAM! All of us including Smyr! Engaged in a pancake brunch with delicious sausages! We are a family. Caitlin only visited us for a week, but we milked that week baby! She makes me realize that we represent home and that no matter where we go, we'll return to each other from time to time. At night, I treated out my immediate family to Black Angus. I met up with everyone after. The night was calm at Smyr's apartment, but could have been wild. For some reason we were just enjoying company instead of getting shitfaced.

Sun, Sept16: The Nools, the Hollands, and Ignian Families in General.
I helped Ariane move her bed and I suggest she name her unborn child: Fandango Mango Nool-Yango. Her parents bought me In&Out for helping and I sat and watched Aaron's crazy mom scream at the football game. She offered me her home made salsa, which I gladly took. That night I had dinner at the Hollands and I felt very welcomed. I was told I should visit them even when Diana leaves, the Ehrharts told me the same. I felt very welcome and obliged to return the generosity. Perhaps a thank you card? I guess visiting them like they asked should be good enough. I also must call up the Bosworth's to see how they are doing. I am very lucky to be welcomed at my friends homes.

Mon, Sept17: Rainbows Emitted from My Body
I ran into Mony inadvertently at Target. He apparently saw the rainbow shooting out from my body. He told me about all sorts of skin products. He is all sorts of knowledge! Afterward was Billiards and Karaoke. In the Rite Aid plaza is a shady small bar with Karaoke. Diana and I sang Flavor of the Week and my name got lost in the pile for the second song so we left. But it was fun no less and I ran into a middle school friend. It made me appreciate the hidden excitement of San Jose. You really should give it a chance.

I have also added a July and August Recap with Stolen Pictures. Please refer to them:


the holla said...

what a good summer!

the holla said...

i think margaritas are a good thing to remember me by. that can be because of the margaritas and projected movie night! i wish i had something else.
oh wait! cider? does that work? it's not a cocktail. but it is my favorite...