Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Multiple Topics for two Busy Weeks With Friends

Just for the record, this is what I've been up to with Pictures from Dholla:

Thurs, Aug30: The Blank Club
I was surprised with the presence of Michelle Wall! But with no camera, I can only write down the date to keep record. I owe a lot to her and I was great to see her in the Nightlife, but as we danced, it was like we were back in high school at convention; young at heart. At midnight, I said good bye to my friend and wandered the streets on my usual path with Mony and Diana and discovered Hunters. The best part is just walking and talking. The cold air is unmatched by the warmth of huddling friends.

Fri, Aug31: Hooters Really Scare me.
Szeto's birthday was celebrated at Hooters. I thought I could handle it, but I got so embarrassed when all this skin was flashed at me. I was looking at the cleavage, and I think I was a bit curious, but looked away quickly. So strange, so alien. Once again in downtown San Jose, a bigger group and more bars. Smyr's curious straight friend asked me about the gay scene. His curiosity made him cuter. Poor Smyr, always ends up at a Gay club but no longer protests. He realizes he is out numbered even when he brings out his teacher friends. Szeto threw up after 10 or so drinks purchased for him. And Sandy did not fall asleep!

Sat, Sept1: Party with Teachers? No, Stanfurd People.
Smyr invited us to party with his teachers, let's give them a chance. We offered Sandy's sister's Jello shots to the group of strangers as conversation starters, but no one seemed to be interested in making new friends. We followed the trend by staying amongst ourselves. At the end of the night was a bad version of KINGS (I wasn’t one to argue, but House rules win, but these were bad rules) where instead of a Kings Cup you play 5 fingers. Instead of 10 to the Men 6 to the Chicks, it was 4 to the Whores, 6 to the Dicks. AND there were no reaction cards like Ace to the Face. So it went very slowly. No worries, we had free margaritas and boogie Cheese and Strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Sun, Sept2: Whhhhhat? A Labor Day BBQ With No Parents
Very last minute, but very successful. The more fun part of the evening happened in the pool when Smyr's charismatic friends talked about random topics like how the proper way to say What is to emphasize the WHHHH. We had a lot of fun with that one. We let Smyr do his work and came back to watch a chill movie that everyone enjoyed. Though I fell asleep.

Mon, Sept3: Last Visit Before Sandy Left
Smyr's roommate opened the door, stared at us for 10 seconds and then shouted, "CHRIS! Your friends are here." Smyr's cooler/gayer roommate said, "Don’t be so mean, they could be YOUR friends too." She responded with her eyes that THAT wasn't going to happen. A couple of words later, we left the awkward condo to let Smyr go back to work and I realized that his new condo wasn't really an Ignian condo as I had hoped because of other people living there that I should respect. So no playing after work, Smyr is exhausted by then anyway.

Wed, Sept5: Painting with Different Chapters
In a previous entry I talked about different chapters in my life in one room. It was cute, everyone was painting and the conversation was fluid. I'm trying really hard to integrate my friends and to learn not to put everything into distinct categories.

Thurs, Sept6: Grandpa
Finally, I visited my Grandpa. He was pleased to see me. Old people make me sad and I hope that when I'm old, my friends will be with me in the same nursing home. My grandpa seems so lonely. But I hope to visit him whenever my mom goes.

Fri, Sept7: DRAGON
I respect Monyrith's Active approach on life. "hey, I haven’t been in while, want to go?" And we did. Up 101N and to the Gay Asian Paradise South of Market. I made a list of all the people I ran into on a napkin at the end of the night: DuHoss, Sole, Earl, Jenny, TonyIDM, Thomas, Jesse, Wilfred, Matt, Andrew, and Moises. A couple of shared dances and quick catch up words was enough for me. I miss these people and even though I'll only see them at places like these, its good to see familiar faces and to dance with people you know. I also creeped out a boy because I was staring at him. I could tell because his friends cockblocked me. Once again, no camera.

Sat, Sept8: Hot Girls Get Us in Free
We owe it to Janelle to try her cooking and finally we visited her. She made amazing chicken. Before dinner, we efficiently hit up Height & Ashbury and Chinatown for lunch. At night Smyr and Caitlin drove up and after Jager, Rum, and Tequila, I packed some in thermoses, we drove out to the Marina (Marine?) District and to the Castro. But before we left Janelle's apartment we ran into my other ex-girlfriend Myla in the elevator! Smyr said I had good taste. I was flattered. Towards the late part of the night, we decided that we had spent too much and wanted free things. At the Castro, they asked for 3 bucks admission, I immediately turned around and said, let’s go somewhere else. The bouncer said, "Wait wait wait, just come in, how many of you are there?" We felt good and danced to bad electronic dance music. "One Long Song" as Diana claims it to be. Janelle was being a great sport about it. Her anxiety hit and she maturely step aside for an hour to ensure that she didn't ruin our fun. Mad props, but I talked to her for about 4 minutes in a ghetto accent to make sure she was okay.

Sun, Sept9: Take the Offer
Poor Smyr drove us back late into the night. I crashed at Caitlin’s and shared her small twin bed. Maybe because I stunk, or maybe because I was gay, we did not cuddle much. I realized that there was role reversal. I felt like Straight guy in a gay situation. If I had maybe 3 more shoots and if Caitlin wanted me, I would give it to her. Curious-er and curious-er. Interesting. Her parents took me to the Renaissance Fair. There were crazy people in crazy outfits. I bought a necklace for too much and watch some funny shows. I was offered a ball to throw at a target and I threw it hard and it flung to the ground. I ran away embarrassed. I realized that I offend Caitlin’s parents by refusing offers. So at dinner I was firm and confident when they asked me what dish I wanted. I could tell they liked that. But I found myself being silly again when I had order one shrimp dish too many. In response her mom said, “NO Chris, it’s okay.” Sigh, I’ll never win. At night, Diana, Caitlin and I went to 300, the bowling alley for a couple of drinks.

Mon, Sept10: Silly Errands
I took half day off to visit the dermatologist and get my oil changed. I concluded that if my skin does not get better by December (6months of Retina, pills, and sun block) I’m going to invest in laser. Why? Because… I feel like it’s affecting my confidence. After my oil change, I started my car and there was a song from the Willy Wonka soundtrack playing from Jon’s CD he made for us. “Come with me, and you’ll be, in a WORLD of pure imagination!” The people changing my oil must have thought I was crazy! That night was a chill Starbucks evening with Monyrith, Neil, and Diana.

Tues, Sept11: Tuesday Night Life and Lessons in Cockblocking
Caitlin rolled her eyes when I told her we were going to play Cranium. Even though we were talking over the phone, I could hear the sound of rolling quite clearly. But it was fun! We played with some new people and as the teachers left because they had to get up early, we headed downtown! Smyr, stopped by for literally 10 minutes dressed in his work clothes. Poor boy doesn’t have time to get comfortable and immediately he’s on call from his friends. He has enough pressure.

After finding perfect parking and wandering the streets, we decided on Mission Ale. The music was perfect and even Diana enjoyed the hip hoppiness. I love songs that tell you how to move. I was especially impressed by this guy named Ryan who proceeded to talk to our group of three gays and two hot girls asking us if we were dog or cat people. On the dance floor he was a predator and I could not tell if Diana enjoyed dancing with him. I tried to read her body language, but her smiles and unaffected dancing made me believe she was having a good time. Caitlin cut in to save her and I tried to read Caitlin. She did the same. A couple of minutes in she shouts in my ear, "YOURE so Mean! you're supposed to protect us!" Well, shit, I couldnt tell, I didnt know these rules. Ryan got the hint and walked away unaccomplished. I failed again later that night when I left the ladies alone for two seconds only for them to be attacked by cat calls and boys getting jiggy toward them. I didn't realize how aggressive straight people were, but now i know to protect my Ignian girls and to read their body language better. Oh and Mony says I look fat in this tshirt:

Wed, Sept12: I Drink Coffee Through a Straw so it Doesn't Stain my Teeth
I don't want to drink coffee because there's a million other things I could consume that won't stain my teeth and is better for my body, but in this situation, drinking coffee is probably best for my health over all. Plus, I fall asleep during meetings. How am I supposed to get promoted if my mind keeps wandering away from my body?

This morning I fell asleep driving to work and swerved a little into right lane. And that morning, I drank a cup, but my body rejected it.

The rest of the week: Like with Sandy, with Caitlin in town, we must show her a good time: more downtown on Thursday, FUZ with Monyrith on Friday, and Chinatown Bar hoping with Smyr and Diana on Saturday; more pictures and more stories of my life with plenty of work and fun to match. More Pictures to come

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