Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Honestly Think I'm Narcoleptic

11:00 am- Looking through sales folder. Open the first file....
11:02 am- Shit, I dozed off. Readjust myself, skim file...
11:05 am- FUCK, why am I so tired? Ok ok, I can do this, close file, double cli...
11:07 am- Wake up! Damn it, release index finger so file can actually open
11:10 am- Lord, okay, maybe if I take a nap is the storage room. Walk to storage room. Should I leave the lights on? If I leave them on I can fake it that I'm looking through papers. But if I leave it off, no one will come in thinking someone left the lights on... what the hell am I thinking? I can take a nap during my lunch.
11:14 am- I need to eat, yes, Ill cut an apple. How do you cut an apple? Whatever.
11:18 am- Sit back comfortably chewing on appl....
11:20 am- Footsteps. Shit, I hope no one saw me. Ok ok, bathroom break number 5. Good plan.


This morning, I was singing along to my CDs... and I dozed off in midtune! Concentrating on the car in front of me.. bright red lights, he's breaking. Must brake too.. wake up!

OMG! This is how I'll die:
1. Heart Attack from all the Cholesterol I consume
2. Car Accident because I fell asleep driving from South San Jose to East San Jose at the late hours of Midnight.
3. Cancer. It runs in my family.

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